How much does it cost?


I offer low cost and affordable counselling and psychotherapy sessions in Finchley (N3), Barnet.  Close to other areas in Barnet, North London: West Finchley (N3), North Finchley (N12), East Finchley (N2), Mill Hill (NW7), Muswell Hill (N10), Whetstone (N20), Woodside Park (N12), High Barnet (EN5) and Golders Green (NW11).

£30 initial assessment – payment by cash

£30 per on-going session – payment by cash or cheque

Do you have any kind of supervision?

I have regular supervision with a qualified psychotherapist and supervisor who ensures my work is adhering to good practice.  I also have access to very experienced tutors who teach me the latest theories and techniques in mental health; and how to work with all sorts of mental health issues such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • generalised anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • affairs and betrayals
  • abuse
  • separation and divorce
  • addiction(s)
  • anger management
  • family issues
  • phobias
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • bereavement
  • emotional abuse
  • career counselling
  • sexual abuse
  • low self-esteem
  • suicide and suicidal thought

I have to regularly check the quality of my work to ensure it meets the high standards that both the training organisation, Metanoia Institute, sets and those set by UKCP.

I am a trainee member of UCKP which is a professional body that promotes high standards in psychotherapy in the UK.  It is a recognised organisation for psychotherapists working in the NHS and within the NICE guidelines.

Why are your prices low compared to other psychotherapists?
I am a trainee psychotherapist and counsellor and therefore my prices are lower than fully qualified psychotherapists.

As part of my training I am required to audio record my work in order to facilitate my training and provide safety to clients. I ask all clients to give permission for me to record the sessions. The recordings are only ever used in confidential settings for my supervision and training purposes.

Will this affect the quality of psychotherapy I receive?
No. I have to continually reflect on my work to ensure I am meeting the high standards set by my training organisation and UKCP. The audio recordings, in particular, are an opportunity for my supervisor to consider how I am working.
What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a type of therapy that aims to alleviate psychological distress by talking.

Psychotherapy can help us to understand our problems better, identify our motivations for our behaviour and find ways to cope with our distress.

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