What to expect

If you are suffering from emotional distress and need help by talking to someone then a psychotherapist or counsellor is a good start because they will not have the same outlook as friends or family who may be too involved in the issues you want to talk about.

Initial assessment session:

If after talking to me on the phone or discussing things via email you would like to proceed then we can make a meeting for an initial assessment.  This session will last 50 minutes and is an opportunity for us to meet each other, and discuss what issues you are seeking counselling and psychotherapy for.

We can also begin to explore what you might gain from psychotherapy and counselling and whether it is a good fit for you. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss any concerns and questions that you might have and for us to see if we would like to work together.  The fee for this session is £50.  You are under no obligation to continue after this first session.

Regular weekly sessions:

If you would like us to work together, then we can work out a suitable weekly day and time to meet.  Sessions are 50 minutes long and are £50.

During the sessions we are able to explore the problems that are troubling you and understand them a bit better.  We can work together to try and cope with, alleviate or resolve some of your concerns.  We might together consider choices and options which are available to you.  This might include ways to change your responses and behaviour.

What is the psychotherapist’s or counsellor’s role?
You may just be looking for someone to listen to you and support you through a difficult time and I am able to do this.

You may want to go a bit deeper and get to know yourself and your motivations better. I can help by asking you the questions which will bring out this information. You may feel you need a new perspective on a problem which I am also able to give. You may want to understand how things in your past have influenced your behaviour in the present. I am able to help you make those links.

The important thing to be aware of is that I cannot offer you advice or a quick fix to your problems. I can help you to find your own solutions. In this way you will always have the tools to help yourself in the future. For this reason, I cannot accept referrals on behalf of other people. The person who wants counselling has to contact me themselves.
I’m worried that I’ll feel uncomfortable
It can be really difficult to share your problems with a stranger so we take things at your pace. I offer an environment which is safe, non-judgemental and confidential. I am open to and encourage questions about the process as I believe that psychotherapy and counselling shouldn't be a mystery.